New York

Series New York – with its design and utility value it is the new series in the range of the bathroom furniture INTEDOOR. The choice of bottom cabinets in the range of widths 70–120 cm with artificial marble washbasins. Drawers equipped with full-slide-out drawer runners – capacity 40 kg. Doors of high and medium cabinets as well as mirrors are fitted with soft close, laundry baskets are removable. Series New York is produced as wall-mounted and with the legs. The drawer design is protected as industrial specimen.

Two types of mirror walls – AL ZS in ALU frame and opening NY ZS; can be equipped with a halogen lighting IKS 01 (mirrors AL ZS only), IKS 4-1, IKS 4-2, IKS 4-3 or with the saving LED diodes IKS 5-1, IKS 5-2, IKS 5-3 or with a fluorescent lighting IZS 6-1, IZS 6-2 and IZS 6-3. Mirror walls NY ZS can be extra equipped with an el. socket and switch Z+V. All lights of the version -2 include a remote-control-switch! Protection of the lights IP 44.

Mirror walls NY ZS with wood decor surface finish may be used also in series Texas, Topic.

Front surfaces (doors, cover boards, lightpanels, mirrorshelves) are made of 18 mm milled MDF board sprayed as a high-gloss coating with 5 coats of PUR colours, possibility of colour variants. Corpuses of 18 mm laminate boards; side boards are 1× high-gloss coated with 1 coat of PUR colour.

leg RH 22

Bathroom cabinet NY 70 T

Bathroom cabinet NY 80 T

Bathroom cabinet NY 100 T

Bathroom cabinet NY 120 T

leg RH 20

Bathroom cabinet NY 70

Bathroom cabinet NY 80

Bathroom cabinet NY 100

Bathroom cabinet NY 120

Bathroom mirror AL ZS 70

Bathroom mirror AL ZS 80

Bathroom mirror AL ZS 100

Bathroom mirror AL ZS 120

remote control DO

halogen lighting IKS 4-1

halogen lighting IKS 4-2

halogen lighting IKS 4-3

LED diodes IKS 5-2

LED diodes IKS 5-1

LED diodes IKS 5-3

fluorescent lighting IKS 6-2

fluorescent lighting IKS 6-3

fluorescent lighting IKS 6-1

Bathroom mirror cabinet NY ZS 70

Bathroom mirror cabinet NY ZS 80

Bathroom mirror cabinet NY ZS 100

Bathroom mirror cabinet NY ZS 120

Socket with light switch Z+V

halogen lighting IKS 01

leg RH 13

Medium bathroom cabinet NY SS 30 L wall-mounted

Medium bathroom cabinet NY SS 30 P wall-mounted

Medium bathroom cabinet NY SS 35 K wall-mounted

Medium bathroom cabinet NY SS 35 L wall-mounted

Medium bathroom cabinet NY SS 35 P wall-mounted

Medium bathroom cabinet NY SS 30 3Z wall-mounted

Tall bathroom cabinet NY SV 35 L wall-mounted

Tall bathroom cabinet NY SV 35 P wall-mounted

Tall bathroom cabinet NY SV 50 wall-mounted

Tall bathroom cabinet NY SV 50 K wall-mounted

Tall bathroom cabinet NY SV 35 L K wall-mounted

Tall bathroom cabinet NY SV 35 P K wall-mounted

Tall bathroom cabinet NYG SV 35 L wall-mounted

Tall bathroom cabinet NYG SV 35 P wall-mounted

Tall bathroom cabinet NYG SV 50 wall-mounted

Tall bathroom cabinet NYG SV 50 K wall-mounted

Tall bathroom cabinet NYG SV 35 L K wall-mounted

Tall bathroom cabinet NYG SV 35 P K wall-mounted

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