Assembly of the MRAMORIT products

10.xx Washbasins

Attachment fittings are supplied with standard washbasins (fasteners, special screws, washers and nuts). For atypical washbasins (10.07), supporting middle brackets and angle irons must be ordered from the producer. Countertop washbasins (10.03 and 10.05) are mounted with silicone (not supplied with the washbasin). The standard positioning of the tap hole is marked in the catalogue. A different position or number of tap holes must be agreed with the producer in writing.

Installation instructions can be downloaded in Download section.

20.xx Bathtubs

When fitting a bathtub with front cover panels, the wall and floor tiling must be finished. Both the floor and the wall tiles must reach at least 45 mm into the outlined bathtub area. If not tiled, the floor under the bathtub must be concreted and properly flattened. A hole for cleaning the siphon trap must be made under the bathtub outlet according to the drawing on the opposite page. If you are installing a corner tub, check the right angle of the walls. Bathtubs without the front cover panels MRAMORIT require a front or side brick cover wall (or plasterboard/polystyren). Do not forget to put a small access door into the front or side wall (depending on the bathtub type) or just leave an access hole and cover it with a tile on magnets or velcro. For bathtubs equipped with a hydromassage system, a second access door or hole must be made in the back area of the bathtub, where the pump, the compressor and the power distribution are placed. Revisions of the hydromassage and airmassage systems can thus be done without having to disassemble the tub. If the bathtub comprises a pearl bath or an additional air pump for hydromassage, there must be holes under the tub to allow access of air to the compressor (cooling) and the pump (air suction). Placing the holes for installing the faucets directly into the bathtub must be agreed with the producer in writing.

Installation instructions can be downloaded in Download section.

30.xx Shower trays

The shower trays are ready to be fitted with the RAVAK siphons. Using other types of siphons with different dimensions must be consulted with the producer. Shower screens such as RAVAK SKKP6 - 80/90 are suitable for quarter-circle shower trays.

Installation instructions can be downloaded in Download section.

40.xx Toilets

With the STANDARD toilet (40.01), it must be specified if the water tank should be filled from the top or the bottom. The drainpipe can lead through the wall or the floor.

The wall-mount toilet is fitted with the standard “GEBERIT KOMBIFIX”.

Installation instructions can be downloaded in Download section.

50.xx Bidets

If the bidet is fitted with a faucet with bottom rinse jet, the prodecer must be consulted about its placement. The wall-mount bidet is fitted with the standard “GEBERIT”.

Installation instructions can be downloaded in Download section.

100.xx Units with a light-equipped shelf

In the standard version, the power wiring for the light-equipped shelf is 195 cm above the floor.


Accessories are supplied with small fitting materials.

Note: For the fitting of the sanitary equipment MRAMORIT, we recommend professional companies where you will be directed to a dealer or a service centre of the producer.

All the connecting points of the water installation should be finished with angle valves 3/8".

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