Electrical safety

All the products supplied by MRAMORIT a.s. are absolutely safe. Every appliance is tested to ensure user safety.

The hydromassage bathtub is a class „I“ appliance and thus requires installation, proper connection to the electric network and safety grounding. The grounding and the electric circuit in the construction where the appliance is installed must conform to the norm. The electric wiring for connecting the massaging appliance must have a copper conductor with a section of at least 2.5 mm² (CGTG 3C×2.5). Besides that, the bathtub must have a separate bipolar switch 220V/16A (we recommend a signal one, coverage at least 44), a  circuit breaker of 16 A and a current protector with a sensitivity of 0.03 A. All the electric parts (switches, lights, sockets…) installed in the bathroom must comply with the norms. The central switch and other electric parts must be reachable from the bathtub. The switch must be on before use and off after use. A very careful protection of this device must be secured by connecting all the non-live (metal) parts. The electrical installation must be carried out by an authorized person. Before installing the appliance, the bathroom electroinstallation must comply with the listed terms (protective switch, separate current supply).

The producer disclaims liability:

  • If the electroinstallation in the house does not comply with the valid norms.
  • If the installation or maintenance instructions have not been followed.
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