Maintenance of the MRAMORIT products

The standard maintenance of the MRAMORIT products includes surface cleaning and the hydromassage system cleaning.

Instructions for cast marble maintenance

The washbasins have a high-gloss non-porous surface. A damp cloth is usually sufficient for everyday cleaning. If the surface is very dirty, we recommend common liquid detergents. For a long-lasting gloss, the basin can occasionally be polished with car cosmetics, which must be spread immediately after application. If the outflow is blocked, use a pipe cleaner. Do not use acid or lye detergents. Make sure that the water temperature does not exceed 65 °C. It is also advisable to remove any substances scattered on the surface immediately.

Washbasin surface maintenance instructions can be downloaded in Download section.

Hydromassage system cleaning

Regarding the hygiene and the safe operation of the whole system, we recommend the following procedure once in every 3 months:

  • To clean the inner surface of the tub properly and remove hairs and other dirt, unscrew the jet flange and the air regulator. After cleaning screw it back on.
  • The jet itself is fixed in its bed with a circular flange. If you unscrew the circular flange, you can take the jet out clockwise and clean it. Then put the jet back into the bed using the same procedure.
  • The suction basket is fixed with two opposite screws or placed on the basket body. After loosening the screws or removing the suction cover, take out the basket and clean it thoroughly.
  • Having unscrewed the air regulator flange, you can take out the whole body of the regulator. Place it back after cleaning and fix the flange.

Removing the limescale

Fill the bathtub with water about 5 cm above the jets, pour in about a 1/4 l of vinegar, turn on the system and let it work for about 20 minutes. Let the water out and fill the tub with clear water to rinse the system. Turn the system on for about 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure at least once in 3 months.

Disinfection of the system

If the hydromassage bathtub does not comprise a separate disinfection unit, the system should be disinfected as follows:

  • Fill the bathtub with water about 5 cm above the jets,
  • pour in about 1 l of SAVO,
  • turn the system on and let it work for about 20 minutes,
  • then let the water out and fill the tub with clear water to rinse the system,
  • let the system work for about 10 minutes.

This should be done at least once in a month.

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