Washbasins cast with countertops in customized dimensions and shapes Variant. Create your own washbasin on your PC.

Production, sale and installation

The complete product range can also be purchased in our company in Káranice, where the products are made. Transport and professional installation can be arranged as well.

A unique material

The basic raw material for the synthetic marble from Káranice is limestone. Other materials are used as binding agents or as a part of the surface layer. Depending on the clients’ requirements, special filling agents and reducers are used to create structures and colours of marble, granite, onyx or so called unicolours, i.e. one-coloured surface. The latest newcomer is “solid surface”, a highly resistant material that can be coloured thoroughly. Thanks to its non-porosity, it has been used successfully in areas with the strictest hygienic demands such as hospitals, laboratories or kitchens.

When planning the bathroom, the shades and structures can be matched with the natural materials and the ceramic sanitary equipment, meeting the most challenging ideas of the customers. With synthetic stone, the whole bathroom can be realized in one colour.


If you want to feel harmony from the very morning, start your day in a lovely bathroom. Even small improvements can bring about a surprising change. Give your bathroom a facelift, reward yourself with a little relaxation and try to choose from the range of the MRAMORIT bathroom equipment.

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