Standard washbasins with the integral back panel are anchored on two hanger bolts.

Before the installation of plate washbasins of different lengths and with different number of washplaces brackets are to be mounted first. (The same refers to support angles when the washbasin is placed in a niche.)

The brackets or angles must be aligned so that they create a horizontal plane to subsequently mount the washbasin on. Atypical washbasins should be left in their original packaging until the brackets have been mounted. There is a risk of damage or bending if the washbasin is placed incorrectly.

When installing a washbasin on plasterboard construction, wooden or other struts must be provided in the place where the brackets will be anchored.

Countertop washbasin installation

Variant countertop washbasins are placed into completely prepared space, i.e. all installations must be finished.

To mount the washbasins middle brackets, edge angle irons or a special supporting frame must be ordered from the producer.

In order to mount the washbasin on the wall bolts and plastic anchors are used based on the type of the material of the wall. In the case of mounting the washbasin to the plasterboard wall it is absolutely necessary to reinforce the supporting construction in the place of mounting or to discuss suitable reinforcement (wooden infill) of the supporting construction under the plasterboard wall with the producer.

Countertop washbasins are set in silicone (not part of the delivery).

Installation drawing shows the connection dimensions for water and drain outlet (for a basin pillar tap) to the axis of a single washbasin.

Installation of countertop washbasins


Installation of countertop washbasins in the plasterboard construction

Installation of countertop washbasins in the plasterboard construction


Installation of countertop washbasins in a closed space

montaz do uzavreneho prostoru 01


PDF to download
Countertop washbasin installation.pdf
Installation of countertop washbasins in the plasterboard construction.pdf
Installation of countertop washbasins in a closed space.pdf

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